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Basic $55

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Premium $275

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Supreme $475
Case analysis   Not Included  Included  Included  Included
Professional opinion  Not Included Not Included  Included  Included
Legal advise  Not Included  Not Included Not Included  Included
Copies of documents  Not Included  Not Included  Not Included  Included
Time 30 days * Varies * Varies * Varies
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You can pay by credit card even without PayPal account. Looking for simple information without details and explanations, order Basic package


 Order Premium package till April 30, 2018 and receive 10% discount  Order Supreme package till April 30, 2018 and receive 20% discount

*Dates above are approximate and are not guaranteed

Basic $55

We will provide to you just the raw CAIPS, GCMS or FOSS file, and will not provide any interpretation or explanation of the file.

Standard $155

If you just need to understand the status of your application, this is the best option: for as little as $155 you will receive your CIC file and case analysis with interpretation or explanation of the file.

Premium $275

If you consider re-applying after a refusal, Canadian specialist will examine your file and provide written opinion  based on thousands of visa cases and many years of experience. For $275 you will receive professional opinion.

Supreme $475

Everything included in the Premium package, plus copies of documents in your immigration/visa file and Canadian Immigration Lawyer legal professional advice. That option is extremely helpful especially if you are not sure what documents are on file and you want to find out to avoid miscommunication or check your representative job was done properly.

Everyone read on various web forums about people applying for immigration to Canada and losing their money due to unscrupulous immigration firms and consultants. Hopes for new life are often ruined when a family realizes that a person whom they entrusted their immigration case to turned out to be nothing more than a fraudster – money are gone, eligibility requirements have changed, immigration is no longer possible.

What we can obtain:

  • TRV, student, work visa file processed in any Canadian consulate
  • immigration file processes by Canadian consulate
  • immigration file processed by provincial immigration authorities (such as Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta etc.)
  • border crossing records from Canadian Border Service Agency
  • copies of medical files from CIC medical office
  • information from citizenship file
  • many more – please contact us to inquire