Receive copies of documents from your visa file
Receive copies of documents from your visa file

Receive copies of documents from your visa file

Receive copies of documents from your visa file

There are numerous situations when you may need copies of documents submitted with your immigration or visa application. Some examples are:

Applying for a study or work permit in Canada

If you have applied for a temporary visa and came to Canada, and later decided to go to a college, you will have to apply for a study permit. Often people do not keep copies of submitted applications once they are approved. However, in this situation your next application must be in line with your first one. For example, your personal history described in your application must match whatever you submitted to CIC before – dates, places, names and so on. There are numerous cases when applications were refused because applicants neglected to match applications to previous ones.

Ordering GCMS notes and copies of documents solves this effectively – you will receive everything CIC has in possession in your personal file. You will then be able to submit perfectly prepared application.

Receiving copies of employment references

Employment references may be required in many situations, from re-applying to CIC to securing employment and going through a complex licensing or professional certification process. You may order copies of documents from your immigration/visa file to receive your employment references, if you did not keep a copy for yourself.

Demonstrate your language proficiency

One can imagine numerous situations when proof of language proficiency is required. Given that your original IELTS, CELPIP or TEF certificate was mailed to CIC you can request a photocopy. Often a photocopy is sufficient, because it contains all information to verify authenticity of a certificate online.

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