How a CAIPS report helps to understand refusal reasons
How a CAIPS report helps to understand refusal reasons

How a CAIPS report helps to understand refusal reasons

How a CAIPS report helps to understand refusal reasons

Canada is the country with one of the most strict visa regulations in the world. It is not uncommon to receive a negative decision when applying for a temporary visa, study or work permit, and for permanent residence as well.

Understanding true reasons of a refusal is crucial for successful re-applying. However, what an applicant receives when his or her application is refused is nothing more than a boilerplate – a standard refusal letter used by all CIC officers worldwide. Clearly, it gives little to no important details from the particular case; instead, it usually includes paragraphs of applicable law and a set of check boxes, some of which are marked by an officer by hand. It is very easy to ensure that such refusal letters are generic in their nature by performing this simple google search.

Request CAIPS notes after a refusal

The only way to understand how and why an officer came to a negative decision in your case is to look into the visa file itself. For this you need to submit a standard CAIPS request on our website. The information you receive will include enough details to help you understand what has been done wrong and require more attention when re-applying. For example, one may see why an officer decided that the funds are insufficient; why he was under impression that an applicant is not going to leave Canada on time; what documents an officer thought were important but missing and so on.

With this information on hand your chances to re-apply successfully increase greatly.

Legal opinion

Re-submission after a refusal is always more complex than an initial submission, since the applicant has to address the issues that led to the refusal. If you found yourself in such situation, you have a dilemma: re-apply yourself or hire a professional to help.

Fortunately, there is an alternative option. For a fraction of cost a representative will charge, you may now receive a professional opinion on your case. Order this together with your CAIPS notes and you will receive professional advise on your case, explaining reasons for refusal and possible measures to remedy them in your next application.